VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement

Elevate Your Customer Interactions with Seamless Directory Integration

Seize the potential of cloud telephony with VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement by ASA Solutions.

This innovative and flexible solution seamlessly adds a human-centric company directory into your existing phone system, empowering you to foster the direct client relationships you work so hard to build.

VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement integrates directly into existing Amazon Connect contact centers, and can also be used as a dialable hosted solution by any platform that can route calls.

At a Glance

  • VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement serves as your virtual operator, facilitating personalized interactions and streamlining communication channels.
  • Managing directories is a breeze in the intuitive web-based administration panel.
  • VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement orchestrates all the updates to the underlying Amazon Web Services infrastructure.
  • Seamlessly integrate VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement with your existing Amazon Connect contact center, or use it as a standalone solution.

Key Benefits

  1. Personalized Recognition and Routing: Enable seamless voice recognition within your IVR system, allowing clients to connect directly with individuals in your organization, intelligently routed to Amazon Connect endpoints or E.164 phone numbers.
  2. Flexible Directory Management: Customize directories to suit your business needs, assigning team members as necessary. Utilize existing business logic to determine directory lookup parameters effortlessly.
  3. Platform Integration: VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement seamlessly integrates with existing Amazon Connect contact centers as a modular addition, while also functioning as a PSTN-accessible hosted application for non-Connect infrastructures.
  4. Chat Bot Integration: Leverage Amazon Connect’s Shared Flows for seamless integration with existing chat bots, enhancing customer engagement across multiple channels.
  5. Cost-effective Serverless Architecture: Optimizing AWS usage-based pricing, our solution minimizes costs while maximizing value. Only AWS DynamoDB/S3 storage and Amazon Connect PSTN number(s) are billed regardless of usage, ensuring cost efficiency for businesses of all sizes.

How It Works

  • Create and link directories and destinations with VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement.
  • Customize destinations with spoken synonyms understood by AWS Lex and contact information for routing.
  • Enjoy complete customization with directory and destination mappings, ensuring tailored interactions for every caller.

Amazon Connect-specific Features

  • Directly route calls or chats to team members’ Amazon Connect accounts.

  • Intelligent routing based on team members’ availability in Amazon Connect.

  • Seamlessly connect customers and team members on their preferred communication medium, whether voice or chat.

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There’s never been a better time to enhance personalized interactions with your clients, and VocalDex™ Enhanced Engagement is the tool you need. Contact Us today!

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