Informix ODBC driver for Avaya CMS


What is iConnect?

Connecting to CMS with ODBC is the most common request we receive here at Voast. That is understandably so. With all the data warehouses available why not grab all the useful data and store it where you can combine it with several other sources to bring that data true value. We want to provide as much assistance as we can in this area so we have several things here to help you. And of course we are always ready and willing to help you get your data where you need it to go. So lets get started.

First you need to download the iConnect driver. You can use the CD/DVD Avaya provides but who knows where that thing is. You can also find it on the IBM website, but take it from us. It is not the easiest thing in the world to find. Lets make it easy and you can just download it here. Now keep in mind you need the bit version based on the application that is going to use the ODBC. So if you are running SQL 32 bit on and 64 bit system you need the 32bit driver so SQL can see it. We also have the Linux versions if you need them.

Where Can I Download iConnect?

Notes for Windows Users

Sometimes it is just easier to get someone to walk you through the process. We have a video just for that. You can check it out here!

If you want to do it yourself.. cool with us. Here are some captures and docs to help you out.

Notes for Linux Users

Linux is a tougher nut to crack with ODBC. Here are a couple quick links to help you out.

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