Avaya® CMS "Cradle-to-Grave" reporting

Dive Deep into your contact center performance and turn data into information with ECH on ELK from ASA Solutions.

ECH on ELK is a modern, robust, and cost‑effective solution to complement your existing Avaya® CMS summary data with call detail data.

ECH on ELK is the perfect way to use CMS’s call history interface, which provides complete cradle-to-grave detail for your contact center–Call Detail Records (CDR) from the Avaya® Communication Manager® only tell part of the story.

ECH on ELK lets you bring call detail data to the forefront as individual records, or visualizations to intuitively see your system’s performance.

ECH on ELK is an easy-to-use, turnkey product that makes it easy to drill down to the individual call detail level and understand what happened, where, and by whom.

What is CMS Call History?

CMS’s Call History Records provide vivid call detail with a contact center focus.

  • Search for calls from a given Caller ID
    • How many times did they call?
    • Who did they speak to?
    • How long did they actually wait?
  • See agent performance on a call-by-call basis
    • When and where did they place outbound calls?
    • See time Talking, on Hold, in After-Call Work, …
  • Discover how calls actually flow
    • See the first 9 VDNs and the final VDN
    • See the first and last Vector
    • Which Skills were offered the call, and which one answered

Why use ECH for Call History?

  • CMS Internal Call History (ICH) has limited retention (100,000 record max across all ACDs)—External Call History lets you store and search Call Record data from another system with no built-in limits on retention
  • ECH is resilient - call detail data is not lost as long as the CMS is still collecting data, and sends the backlog when connectivity is restored

What is ELK?

  • ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) is a collection of established, free software with a strong community and corporate backing.
  • ELK uses modern, standard technologies for both frontend and backend and is under active development.
  • ELK’s large adaption across countless markets ensures you will get a strong foundation for your solution that will bring ROI for years to come.

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