CMS Emailer

Avaya® CMS reports in your mailbox

Deliver the reporting you and your clients need. Reduce training time and license costs. All this with CMS Emailer from ASA Solutions.

CMS Emailer delivers Avaya® CMS Supervisors on your schedule for a competrive price for any organization.

With CMS Emailer you can set it and forget it, confident that the right reports are sent at the right time to the right people.

The CMS Emailer tool is easy to use. Emailing reports cuts down on the number of CMS Supervisor licenses needed. Upper level management only needs specific reports and don’t always have time to pull the reports. The info is now delivered to them daily in an email. They no longer need to access CMS Supervisor.
–Deana, Healthcare Sector

How does CMS Emailer work?

CMS Emailer brings real Avaya® CMS Supervisor reports to your inbox, inline or attached as a PDF.

Send interval, daily, weekly, and monthly data as it rolls. Run semi-frequenty jobs like biweekly, quarterly, and yearly just as easily.

CMS Emailer supports any number of reports and schedules, all using a single CMS Supervisor license.

What can CMS Emailer do?

  • Save Onboarding & Training Time: Stop creating and training users who only run quarterly reports. Start automatically sending their reports at exactly the right time.
  • Improve Administrator Workload: Some clients can’t or won’t run their own reports. Now Executives get monthly digests in their inbox on the 1st, no matter Telecom’s workload.
  • Use any report in CMS Supervisor, including Designer reports – so recipients get their data in the best format for them.

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